Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dog Art

I like to show my students that I'm not just an art teacher. I share with them things I may be working on. The students enjoyed seeing me finish these paintings of my niece's and nephew's

More Calder Sculptures

The students used all kinds of found materials for these wire sculptures. They had to make sure that they could stand up and stay together. Look for more sculpture in the case at school.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Light the Way

I went to "Light the Way: A Community Holiday Art Project" at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Indianapolis, Thursday, December 4, 2008. The luminary display of barrels idea was created by local artist Tom Torluemke in cooperation with the artists and residents of the King Park Area. The carved barrels were on display and carols were sung at the event. It was really cold but I was happy to see so many people turn out to support this cool event.

Calder Circus

Here are some of the very creative wire sculptures the fourth grade artists made.
We studied Alexander Calder,
we watched footage of the artist performing the circus and looked at many of his works of art. We also read Roar! Calder Circus. Then the student artists got to work.
While we were on the field trip to the IMA the students were lucky enough to see three Calder pieces. If anyone is going to Chicago over the holidays I suggest you check out the Calder exhibit at the Contemporary Museum of Art.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Indianapolis Museum of Art

The fourth grade went to the IMA to visit the contemporary galleries. The trip was a success! The students were well prepared for their visit and had learned about many of the pieces we saw. The students especially likes Thorton Dial's flag and Calder's Mobile. If you have never been to the IMA please go. Visit their website It is free and has so much to offer. Make sure to Check out their family days.

Thorton Dial

IMA entrance

Thorton Dial

Alexander Calder