Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Starry Night

Every year the second grade artists create their own version of Starry Night. Althought the elements of the painting my resemble Van Gogh's classic work, there is a cypress tree, a village and a horizon line, the time of day and the weather has to be change.

Sunny Evening
Silent Midnight
Stormy Day

Snowy Morning

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Modern Greek Gods, Goddesses and Monsters

I love these, they make me crack up.  I am constantly amazed at the cleverness of the art students.
The students had to pick a Greek God, Goddess or Monster and put him in 2011.
Great job third grade artists!

Poseidon on the swim team

Medusa playing Wii bowling

Artemis wins first prize

Hades plays for the Miami Heat

Hades at Boy Scouts
Harpies as cheerleaders (the H is for Hawks)

A young cyclops playing with his (human) puppets.

All star wrestling champ Zeus.