Friday, May 1, 2015

Bits and Pieces from the Art Room


 Animal Class Portrait

 Bird Bottle Sculptures

 Stop Motion Photogtraphy

 Animal Portraits

 Art Room Selfie

Audubon Birds

Mrs. Meyer's Class

Mrs. Meyer's class has been very busy lately. Here are some of their creations:

Rocks, Gems and Crystals

The Third grade artists were studying rocks and minerals in their classroom and even took a field trip to the State Museum to see their rock collections. We made connections to that trip in the art room. We studied rocks and minerals from the Smithsonian Institute collections on the iPads and made sketches of out favorites. From the sketches we made paintings. We also looked at a lot of actual  rock and mineral specimens in the art room. Rocks are fascinating and the students were really enthusiastic.

Nest Making

Bird Nests

The third grade artists spend a lot of time studying birds. We learn about John James Audubon, we researched birds on the Cornell University Ornithology website, and we studied nests. There are great books that show in detail the artistry of nests. We approached this activity with enthusiasm which quickly faded to frustration when the students realized how difficult it is to make a nest. This learning reinforced just how fantastic nature is and how amazing bird builders are.

 Here are some examples of real nests:


 Here are some of our nests: