Friday, January 21, 2011

How does that happen?

Sometime in the art classroom things happen that crack me up. Well here is one of them-
Cooper was using glue and applying it to his work with a Q-tip.  I guess he got pretty carried away. Paint in the face, marker on the nose, paint water in your lap..the kids are always good sports and laugh as much as I do at the mishaps. Good times.

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Hazel Terry said...

I once had a child who was very wayward with glitter. I was trying to get her to use it in a more controlled way, with paper underneath etc but she was intent on wildly sprinkling it everywhere. When I wasn't looking she went for a new pot and pulled the lid off with such force it exploded all over her in her hair all over her face and she had been wearing a white fluffy top, that was now a solid glitter sparkle.