Monday, February 29, 2016

Wish Fish

I have a fantastic student teacher named Kadi Miller. She created this lesson for the first grade artists and it was fantastic. First, the lesson was about texture. We made many texture rubbings in the classroom with different colored crayons. Then the students traced a fish shape on each texture. The students then learned about an artist names Rivane Neuenschwander.
After a discussion on wishes you can't hold in your hands, the students were invited to write their wishes on their texture fish. The students than did a study of the ocean and it's many zones (midnight zone, twilight zone and sunlight zone). They created an artwork of an ocean zone to use as their background. Then they cut out their "wish fish" and glued them on the ocean artwork.

Then to add on to the rich experience Kadi had the students make a fish from clay. The students added texture and then they added their favorite wish. They turned out beautiful! What you cannot see is the iridescent finish added to each fish.

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