Thursday, May 23, 2013

We Heart Alexander Girard

We love him so much we refer to him as Sandro, that's what his friends Eero, Ray and Charles called him. Sandro Girard was an architect and textile designer during the mid 20th century. Sandro was a graphic designer as well as a designer and worked with the heavy hitters of mid-century design such as Herman Miller, George Nelson and Ray and Charles Eames. Sandro also was an extensive collector of folk art. So much folk art that he had his own wing at the International Folk Museum in Santa Fe. The third grade artists made a family portrait in the manner of the dolls Sandro made for his own kids. We started with making a collection of symmetrical shapes stencils that all the classes could use (collaboration). The students used different stencils to create a family portrait (pets too!). Each student signed the stencil each time they used it so you could tell who had used which stencil, that was fun for the students to see all the names of their friends on the stencils. The work turned out fantastic!

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